Pontoon descents

The pontoon slide, also known as a donut glider or a tubing track, is an attraction for everyone. The length of the track is selected according to the possibilities of the premises. Bands, a special pontoon and a properly set track provide fantastic entertainment and safety.

Roller slides

Roller slide is an alternative to ordinary slides. It is much faster than a traditional slide, which is why it is set at a smaller angle. Rollers made of PVC are durable and safe, so you can slide on them on the bottom and back.

Tunele ruchome i przezroczyste

Mobile tunnels, called mesh-tube passages, are a set of passages based on springs that stimulate movement in each direction. It is an alternative to the usual hard obstacles.

Track slides

Track slides are slides from which several children can slide down at the same time. Slides are available from laminate - modular, or from boards covered with soft sponges and PVC. You can add stairs, ropes or poufs to them.

Tube slides and tube transitions

Tube slides are slides made of interconnected tubes. They can be made in the form of a straight, spiral, arc or wave. Experience and appropriate fastening technology enable the assembly of slides from any height.

Tube passages are obstacles made of individual elements of a tube slide. They are finished with entrance panels.


Ball cannons are entertainment for slightly older children. You can face each other or shoot at the target. Soft balls ensure maximum safety.

Playing fields

The playground is a fantastic addition to any playroom. In addition to entertainment on the obstacle courses, children can indulge in the traditional form of entertainment, i.e. team sports on the pitch.

The mesh fence and soft upholstery ensure comfort and safety.

Toddler's corner

A toddler's corner is an essential piece of equipment for every playroom for children. It is intended for the youngest participants of the game. It can be made of a frame covered with soft lagging, or with bands, and seats for adults attached to them. They can be equipped with mini-slides, balls, soft rockers or locks.

Mesh bridges and mesh walkways

Bridges, passages, tunnels and mesh belts are a real treat for a toddler. Some are easier and some are harder to overcome. They will provide gymnastics for every toddler. A wide range of colors will fit into any square, and durable straps sewn together ensure maximum safety and longevity.


Obstacles, entrances, descents, poufs, stairs, figures... are equipment to fill every free space of the playroom. They are an obstacle course, an entrance to another level, and can also serve as a decorative element.

Climbing walls

Climbing walls are a "must have" of every trampoline park. They also began to visit the playgrounds more and more often. The variety of stones, meshes, modules gives you a wide range of design possibilities in any place. The whole wall, of course, with the obligatory mattress.


The trampoline is one of the coolest attractions in the playroom. That is why we create mini-trampoline parks in the playrooms so that they can accommodate more children. You can add sponge pools, elements of obstacle courses, climbing, footbridges, etc. to the trampolines. You can also play team sports on them, or do the recently fashionable trampoline fitness.

Spider towers

Spider towers are a favorite attraction for fit kids. It can be high or low. It can end with an entrance to the first floor or a slide. The straps can be rigid, sewn together or flexible.