A few words about Eurokinderland Polska

Eurokinderland Polska Group designs, builds and comprehensively equips playrooms for children throughout Europe. Our projects are based on many years of experience, and our well-coordinated team of engineers working together for many years will provide you with an innovative, aesthetic and safe performance of the playroom.

Our company began operating in Germany, where the level of safety for children in the play is the highest. We expanded our operations to Poland, taking with us the same commitment, precision and experience. In Poland, we have built a lot of playgrounds, both smaller and larger. Recently, we have built most often in hotels, seaside boarding houses, agritourism resorts, restaurants and shops with accessories for children.

As a company with many years of experience, we are constantly developing, building large and small playrooms in "unusual" places - trailers, buses, children's rooms and outdoor areas.

Our playrooms are characterized by high durability, which is why children and adults can play in our playrooms without any worries.

We also produce trampoline parks for children and adults.

For the production of playrooms, we use only the highest quality materials from the EU, which have the required attestations and certificates, which guarantee long-term durability.

We give even an 8-year warranty on all our products!

We guarantee satisfaction not only to our business partners, but above all to children.